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What is CAR-PASS?

Are you buying a used vehicle?
CAR-PASS is your guarantee of an accurate odometer.

» When buying a used car or light van in Belgium: always ask for your Car-Pass!

Are you buying a used vehicle or light van in Belgium?
The seller is legally required to give you a Car-Pass. It doesn't matter whether the car is being sold commercially or privately. The Car-Pass shows the odometer reading on different dates. The document may not be older than two months old. If you do not receive a Car-Pass, the sale is invalid and you can request to cancel the contract and a full refund.

» Study the Car-Pass carefully!

The higher the odometer reading on the Car-Pass, the more insight you will have into the history of the vehicle. The odometer should increase steadily over time. Does the document show a sudden decline in the odometer reading? That could show that someone has clocked the odometer. You should therefore ask some critical questions to the seller before you buy the vehicle.

» Do you want to sell a used vehicle?

Then you are required to give the buyer a Car-Pass unless the buyer is a professional vehicle dealer. If you don't, the sale is invalid and the buyer afterwards can request a full refund. Always ensure that the buyer signs for his copy of the Car-Pass.

» Where can I get a Car-Pass?

At the technical inspection! Before you sell the vehicle, a used-vehicle inspection has to be carried out. If you don't, the buyer will not be able to register it. Ask for the Car-Pass when you go for the inspection. The inspector will record the odometer reading and print out a Car-Pass. You pay €7.00, including VAT. If the Car-Pass shows fewer than 4 odometer readings, it is completely free. Do you have a Car-Pass that is less than 2 months old? You do not have to ask for a new one. Do you suspect that an inaccurate odometer reading is shown on the Car-Pass? Click here.