1578 cases of odometer fraud were uncovered in 2021

1578 cases of odometer fraud were uncovered in 2021

1578 cases of odometer fraud were uncovered in 2021.

On the publication of its annual report, the non-profit organisation Car-Pass provides an overview of odometer fraud in the sale of used vehicles. In 2021, 1578 cases of odometer fraud were uncovered in this way. 906 were domestic sales (0.13% of the total) and in 672 (1.2%) cases, the vehicle had been tampered with when imported into our country. On average, the odometer reading of Belgian vehicles decreased by almost 52,000 kilometres. With other foreign vehicles it went up to 75,000 km.  The table shows the ten biggest fraud cases in which the odometer was shamelessly rolled back more than 300,000 km. Mercedes is ‘popular’ among fraudsters, but it is a Renault Kangoo (from 2012) that tops this sad ranking with almost half a million km.

Market share of imports continues to grow.

The decline in new vehicle registrations has caused a shortage in the second-hand market, so that the share of imported vehicles has risen to 14% by 2021. Given the growing market share of imported cars, it is very important that Car-Pass has access to the foreign vehicle’s history of the car manufacturers, as otherwise the door to fraud would be left wide open. Two years after the introduction of the legal obligation, the communication of this data is up and running for most brands. For 48.5% of imported vehicles, foreign odometer readings were indicated on the Car-Pass.

Manufacturers are hesitating to share data of their connected vehicles

Since 1 January 2020, manufacturers are obliged to report the odometer reading of their connected vehicles registered in Belgium to Car-Pass four times a year. This should ensure a regular and frequent inflow of data, which will make odometer tampering even more difficult.

Michel Peelman, managing director of Car-Pass non-profit, is critical about this: “Unfortunately, we must conclude that many brands do not yet provide access to the odometer readings of their connected vehicles. The talks are difficult, and despite the legal basis, some manufacturers hide behind the GDPR or other legal and financial arguments not to provide the data. Two years after the deadline has passed, I launch an urgent appeal to the manufacturers in question to comply with the legislation.”

  brand model year of 1st registration latest mileage previous mileage difference imported
1 Renault Kangoo 2012               157.736                643.976      486.240 no
2 Mercedes C 180 CDI 2011               121.290                548.963      427.673 yes
3 Volkswagen Touran 2012               143.093                542.799      399.706 yes
4 Peugeot Expert 2011               421.123                800.833      379.710 no
5 Mercedes Sprinter 2014               100.179                475.008      374.829 no
6 Mercedes C 220 CDI 2011               100.877                437.171      336.294 yes
7 Renault Kangoo 2007                 56.847                387.634      330.787 no
8 Mercedes E 200 Bluetec 2015               180.493                504.020      323.527 no
9 Mercedes E 200 D 1996                 77.056                380.200      303.144 yes
10 Mercedes E 200 CDI 2014               126.216                428.586      302.370 yes


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