CO2 emissions and vehicle tax

CO2 Emissie

The lower your car’s CO2 emissions, the better for the climate. And also for your wallet, because less emissions also means less fuel consumption and less vehicle tax to pay.

CO2 emissions were previously measured using the NEDC cycle. However, this test underestimated the actual emissions. As a result, since 1 September 2018 (with a few exceptions) car manufacturers have been obliged to test their cars using the much more realistic WLTP cycle. For light commercial vehicles this obligation will apply from 1 September 2019. This means that for cars registered before this date, the field with the WLTP values will usually not be filled in on the Car-Pass.  For recent vehicles, both values are mentioned on the Car-Pass.


The vehicle registration fee for new vehicles as well as the annual vehicle tax may depend on the CO2 values of your vehicle. This varies depending on the Region where you live. CO2 emissions are also a determining factor for the vehicle tax payable by companies and the self-employed and for employees who have a company car. Please keep this in mind when choosing a car.

Click here for more info about vehicle tax in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia.

Car-Pass receives this information from Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport. If the information says "no information", this means that the CO2 values for this vehicle are not known to FPS. The information on your Car-Pass must match that on the vehicle’s certificate of conformity.