I work on vehicles

Garages, body shops, fast-fitters, tyre companies, technical inspections, etc. After each intervention on a car or light van, every car professional has to forward the current odometer reading.

I only sell vehicles

If you sell a used car, you don’t have to forward the odometer reading to Car-Pass. You’re legally required to give out a Car-Pass, unless the buyer is also a professional. Yet it is still interesting to activate your Car-Pass account, as it allows you to check a vehicle’s mileage online.

Trusted Providers

Are you a Trusted Provider?

The reliability and the efficiency of the Car-Pass system are highly dependent on the timely receipt of the correct odometer readings. This is why we want to reward those companies in the automotive sector that report their odometer readings swiftly and accurately. We do this by awarding them with the annual quality label “Car-Pass Trusted Provider”.

How do you get the label?

The title “Car-Pass Trusted Provider 2018” is given to companies whose odometer readings create, in less than 0,5% of all cases in 2017, a discrepancy in the odometer history of the vehicle.

By accurately transmitting the odometer readings, you will become a Trusted Provider 2019 yourself and you will also make a valuable contribution to the fair trade in used vehicles and the fight against mileage fraud.

531 companies bear the title “Car-Pass Trusted Provider 2018”. They are listed below. Are you one of them?

Your participation is important

Car-Pass approved DMS (Dealer Management System)

Car-Pass attaches the utmost importance to the quality of the data communicated by the enterprises in the car sector. After all, any errors will later end up on the Car-Pass certificate for the vehicle and will cast doubt on the correct kilometre reading with a potential buyer. In the worst case, this could result in a sale falling through.

Correcting errors is a difficult task, both for Car-Pass and for the enterprise that has communicated the incorrect odometer reading. Prevention is therefore better than cure. In practice, it appears that many errors can be avoided at the source if the software used by the enterprise is based on a sound design. That is why Car-Pass has set a number of criteria that DMS software must meet in order to guide the user as much as possible when transferring odometer readings, thereby helping the avoidance of errors. If the software meets these requirements, it may carry the "Car-Pass approved DMS" label. Car-Pass has approved the following software.

Logo DMS name Developer Valid until
XDMS 7.3

XDMS 7.3



flexiGar 7.4.0

flexiGar 7.4.0

Dynamic Software


Fast-Pass 1.0

Fast-Pass 1.0



Eva Plus  2018 SP04

Eva Plus 2018 SP04

CDK Global










CARFAC C versie

CARFAC C versie



Autoline Rev8

Autoline Rev8

CDK Global






Technical specifications

Garages that have already entered the data into their own system don't need to do the input twice. The technical documentation shows how garages can send their mileages to Car-Pass, correct errors and ask for the Car-Pass OK label. Car-Pass supports communication via web services and sending FTPS files. Do you have questions or would you like to have an account in our test environment? Please contact us.

Inflow Process Specification


Issues types


Correction form


Car-Pass certification for DMS software


The Car-Pass OK label

The Car-Pass OK label is a free quality label found on the most important websites for used vehicles that offers potential buyers an immediate guarantee of an accurate odometer reading.

What’s it about?

You are selling a used car and looking to differentiate your ad? You can, by using the Car-Pass label. Your ad will look more attractive and more reassuring to the buyer.

When you create and publish an ad via specialized programs or Internet sites, the online system consults the Car-Pass database. The label is awarded if no anomaly occurs in the Car-Pass readings and if the advertised mileage is correct. The label will appear next to your ad.

How to recognize it?

There’s only 1 official label that indicates whether the odometer reading is accurate:

When is the label not issued?

  • If the vehicle’s odometer history contains an anomaly
  • If the mileage in the ad is lower than the most recent odometer reading registered in our database
  • If the vehicle identification number cannot be found in the Car-Pass database
  • If the vehicle is older than 4 years old and the database contains less than 4 readings
  • If the vehicle is equipped with a 5-digit odometer
  • If the vehicle is less than 4 years old and does not meet the following minimum requirements:
    • 0-12 months: 1 reading
    • 13-24 months: 2 readings
    • 25-36 months: 3 readings
    • Ouder dan 36 months: 4 readings
  • If the vehicle has been imported as a used car in Belgium
  • If for the vehicle, no odometer reading has been registered during a period of 24 months.

The following websites use the Car-Pass OK label:

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Do you still have questions?

Below you will find the answer to frequently asked questions by professionals.

What is a Car-Pass?

A Car-Pass is a document that shows the odometer history of a vehicle. It shows the registered odometer readings and the dates when they were recorded. You get a picture of the mileage history of the vehicle and can better judge whether the odometer reading at the time of sale is realistic. The document also contains other information:

  • the make and model of the vehicle;
  • the date on which the vehicle was first registered in Belgium;
  • the Vehicle Identification number (VIN) of the vehicle;
  • the date on which the document was issued;
  • the ID number of the Car-Pass (which makes it possible to check the authenticity of the document);

When do you need a Car-Pass?

Whenever a used car or light van is sold, the seller is legally required to give a Car-Pass to the buyer. It doesn't matter whether the seller is a private person, professional dealer or garage.

The only exception to this rule: if the buyer is a professional, no Car-Pass needs to be provided. 

So if you sell a used vehicule to a foreign private person, you are also required to provide a Car-Pass.

Does another sales document have to be prepared when a used vehicle is sold?

If you are selling a vehicle that has already been registered - if the sale is between dealers or between a dealer and a private person - a sales document must be drawn up.

That document includes the following information:

  • make and model of the vehicle;
  • Vehicle Identification number (VIN);
  • year of first registration;
  • the odometer reading on the date of sale;
  • the sales price;
  • the date of the sale;
  • the identities of both contracting parties;
  • their signature (unless all of the abovementioned information is shown on the sales invoice).

The seller is responsible for preparing that document unless the seller is a private party and the buyer is a dealer (e.g. when trading in a vehicle to buy a new vehicle). In that case, the dealer must prepare the document.

The document must be prepared in duplicate and each party must receive a copy. When the sale of the used vehicle is between private parties, there is no legal requirement to make up such a document. It is advisable to do so, however, to prevent possible disputes in the future.

In which cases do professionals have to forward the odometer readings?

At each maintenance and service, at each mechanical, electrical, electronic repair, or body repair and at each replacement and assembly of parts, components or accessories.

In concrete terms, this means the odometer readings also have to be forwarded at each assembly of tyres, exhausts, batteries, radios, alarm systems, etc.

Do not fall under the law: car wash and vehicle recovery without repairs.

How should the data be forwarded to Car-Pass?

There are several ways to do this:

  • By using your own business software if it supports the link to Car-Pass. This way, you don't have to enter the data more than once.
  • You can also enter the data by using the Car-Pass website. This is of course completely free of charge.

What's the time frame within which the data has to be forwarded to Car-Pass?

The reporting has to be done within 5 working days. 

Who has to forward the data?

The law states: any natural or legal person who buys and sells cars or works on cars acting in the exercise of his professional activities and aiming to achieve his statutory purposes.

Car-Pass will provide a user name and a password to each business that is mentioned in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE) with one of the following NACE codes:

  • 45113 
  • 45201
  • 45203
  • 45204
  • 45205
  • 45209
  • 45320

If your business is e.g. not registered under one of these NACE codes, you'll need to have this rectified as soon as possible at a business counter.

What happens if I don't pass on the data to Car-Pass?

The Act of 11 June 2004 is very clear. Following work on a vehicle, automotive professionals have to forward the right odometer readings to Car-Pass, in the manner prescribed by Car-Pass. Not forwarding the data or forwarding incomplete or incorrect data is a punishable offence. The law provides for heavy fines and even prison sentences in the event of violation. The officials of the Ministry for Economic Affairs are responsible for tracking down and establishing violations.

How will it be ensured that you comply with the law?

Car-Pass has access to the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBO) and therefore knows all the companies in the automobile sector. We can easily check who sends no data, very few data or incorrect data. Car-Pass will first inform the professionals who are involved. Upon simple request we transmit the names of the companies that are in violation to the Economic Inspection. If you stubbornly refuse to follow the rules, you will be sanctioned by the officials of the Ministry for Economic Affairs and may be penalized by a Criminal Court.

What happens to cars that have been imported from abroad?

For imported vehicles the date of first registration in Belgium will not be filled out on the Car-Pass or will be more recent than the date of the first use. At the bottom of the Car-Pass is mentioned: “This used vehicle was imported from abroad." Car-Pass does not receive any mileage readings for the period during which it was not registered in Belgium, except for imports from the Netherlands. Due to the collaboration with the Dutch RDW, the mileage history recorded in the Netherlands can be shown on the Car-Pass. So except for Dutch cars, you need to be extra carefull when buying an imported vehicle. Vehicles with a well-documented and complete history will offer substantial extra value compared to vehicles with a mileage history that shows gaps.

What are the vehicles of which the odometer readings have to be reported?

All passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (up to 3.5 tonnes). In short, all vehicles that can be driven with a category B driver's license, including minibuses and motorhomes. Vehicles that were never registered in Belgium, such as vehicles with a foreign number plate or demo cars using dealer plates.

On the other hand you don't have to forward the odometer readings of motorcycles, trucks, buses and agricultural vehicles.

What to do when the odometer has to be replaced?

This is a repair that needs to be mentioned separately in the system. It suffices to e.g. tick the appropriate box in the web application.

What happens to cars with a 5-digit mileage counter?

These will be dealt with separately by Car-Pass. It will be clearly mentioned on the certificate. You do not have to add 1 or 2 to the odometer reading. Always forward the value that is displayed on the odometer.

What to do if I enter a mistake (by accident)?

Each time you send data to Car-Pass, you will receive a receipt message, which also includes the error messages. Every error has a unique error number. If you enter this number, you can correct the error in the same way as you entered the original data.

Warning: You can electronically correct a mistake only once. If you make a mistake again, you must fill out a standard correction form, sign it and return it to Car-Pass.

In case of subcontracting, who needs to forward the data?

A professional that performs works under subcontract is required to forward the odometer reading, the Vehicle Identification number and the date of the works to Car-Pass. This also applies in case the main contractor also performs works on the same vehicle and therefore also reports the data to Car-Pass.

Do I also have to forward the data to Car-Pass if I perform small works on a vehicle?

You always have to forward the mileage reading to Car-Pass, unless the customer is a private person (not subject to VAT) and the total cost of the works does not exceed 125 euros, VAT included.

However, if the customer is subject to VAT, the cost of the works plays no role. In that case, you always have to pass on the mileage reading to Car-Pass.

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