As a seller you're required to provide a valid Car-Pass to the buyer.

You are required to give the buyer a Car-Pass unless the buyer is a professional vehicle dealer. If you don't, the sale is invalid and the buyer afterwards can request a full refund. Always ensure that the buyer signs for his copy of the Car-Pass.

As a seller you're required to provide a valid Car-Pass to the buyer.

You get a Car-Pass at the technical inspection

Before you sell the vehicle, a used-vehicle inspection has to be carried out. If you don't, the buyer will not be able to register it. Ask for the Car-Pass when you go for the inspection. The inspector will record the odometer reading and print out a Car-Pass.

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You get a Car-Pass at the technical inspection.

An incorrect odometer reading on your Car-Pass

Do you think there is an error on your Car-Pass? Then ask for a rectification.

An error on your Car-Pass?

The price of a Car-Pass

The price of the Car-Pass is set at 7,30, including VAT. If fewer than four odometer readings are shown, the Car-Pass is free. Do you have a Car-Pass that is less than 2 months old? You do not have to ask for a new one.

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Extra assurance with the sale of your used vehicles.


Every year, more used vehicles are being offered for sale over the Internet. Here, too, Car-Pass plays an important part for both buyers and sellers, thanks to the online Car-Pass OK label. If you see the label in an ad for a used car, it means that the mileage is logical with respect to the history of the vehicle in the database of Car-Pass.


The following websites use the Car-Pass OK label:

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Do you still have questions?

Below you will find the answer to frequently asked questions by sellers.

What is a Car-Pass?

A Car-Pass is a document that shows the odometer history of a vehicle. It shows the registered odometer readings and the dates when they were recorded. You get a picture of the mileage history of the vehicle and can better judge whether the odometer reading at the time of sale is realistic. The document also contains other information:

  • the make and model of the vehicle;
  • the date on which the vehicle was first registered in Belgium;
  • the Vehicle Identification number (VIN) of the vehicle;
  • the date on which the document was issued;
  • the ID number of the Car-Pass (which makes it possible to check the authenticity of the document);

When do you need a Car-Pass?

Whenever a used car or light van is sold, the seller is legally required to give a Car-Pass to the buyer. It doesn't matter whether the seller is a private person, professional dealer or garage.

The only exception to this rule: if the buyer is a professional, no Car-Pass needs to be provided. 

So if you sell a used vehicule to a foreign private person, you are also required to provide a Car-Pass.

No Car-Pass provided: what are your rights?

A Car-Pass is legally required. If a private buyer does not receive a Car-Pass, the law gives him the right to have the contract of sale cancelled. If the buyer asks a court to do so, the court will have to rule that the purchase is invalid. The purchase will therefore be considered as not existing and the purchase price will have to be repaid to the buyer.

Where can I get a Car-Pass?

If you want to sell a used car, you have to take it in for a used car inspection. The odometer reading will be prepared and issued automatically on the spot if the car passes the inspection.

It's not necessary to present the vehicle for a full inspection in order to get a Car-Pass. You can also just ask for a Car-Pass.

The vehicle will have to be physically brought in before a Car-Pass will be issued, however. The Vehicle Identification number (VIN) and the odometer reading must be recorded in order to have a Car-Pass made.

How long is a Car-Pass valid ?

The law states that the Car-Pass provided with a used vehicle must be of recent date. In practice, that means that the Car-Pass may not be more than two months old.

How much does a Car-Pass cost?

The price of the Car-Pass is set at 7,30 EUR, including VAT.

If fewer than four odometer readings are shown on the certificate, the Car-Pass is free.

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