Euro standards and LEZ

CO2 Emissie

Vehicles that run on fossil fuels, such as petrol or diesel, emit harmful emissions that negatively affect air quality and therefore our health. That is why Europe is constantly imposing stricter standards on car manufacturers. These are the so-called Euro standards. The rule is simple: the higher the number, the lower the emissions and the more environmentally friendly the vehicle.

An increasing number of cities, both in Belgium and abroad, are restricting access for vehicles that pollute. These restrictions are based on the Euro standard, and are what are called Low Emission Zones (LEZ). You can visit the following sites to check if your car can enter a LEZ and if so, the entry times. Keep in mind the type of fuel your vehicle uses. The conditions are stricter for diesel vehicles.


In Flanders, the vehicle registration fee for new vehicles as well as the annual vehicle tax also depend on the Euro standard of your vehicle.

Car-Pass receives this information from FPS Mobility and Transport. If the information says "no information", this means that the Euro standard for this vehicle is not known to FPS.