Car-Pass annual report 2022

Car-Pass annual report 2022

Car-Pass non-profit published its annual report 2022. The following are some of the key figures and findings.

The number of Car-Passes delivered fell by 9.5%

After the record year 2021, registrations of used market passenger cars and vans fell by 10.3%. Logically, the number of Car-Pass documents issued followed the same trend. A total of 760,262 Car-Passes were issued in 2022, down 9.5% and immediately the lowest figure in the past 10 years.

Car-Pass processed almost 18 million counter readings from 13,579 sources

It wasn't all doom and gloom last year. Car-Pass received 17.91 million counter readings in 2022, which is 8.2% more than in 2021 and an all-time record. The data came from 13,579 diverse sources. That too is a record. Car-Pass recorded an increase in all data flows, both from after-sales activities and car inspection.

Michel Peelman, managing director of Car-Pass confirms: “The most spectacular evolution is in the number of odometer readings received from connected cars. Since 1 January 2020, importers have been required to share an odometer reading for their connected vehicles (registered in Belgium) with Car-Pass four times a year. There is no comparable legal obligation in any other European country. It is important not to underestimate the value of this data. In 2022, this data accounted for almost 10% of the total inflow of odometer readings. These could be more, as a number of importers, notably Stellantis, Renault, Ford, Jaguar Landrover and Polestar are still not meeting their legal obligations after 3 years."

The biggest fraud of 2022: an odometer turned back by half a million kilometres

In 2022 1,344 cases of odometer fraud to be detected. 791 of those were related to domestic sales (0.09% of the total) and 554 (0.87%) were cases involving tampering at the time at which the vehicle was imported into the country. These are very encouraging numbers. They show that fraud upon import is falling year on year – in 2020, the percentage of fraud upon import was still 2.4%. On average, the odometer reading in case of fraud fell by almost 80,000 kilometres. Indications are that vans are relatively popular amongst fraudsters as they tend to have higher odometer readings on average. The tables show the 3 largest cases of fraud in vans and passenger cars. A 2002 Volkswagen Transporter comes top of these unfortunate rankings, with a fall of just under half a million kilometres. A Volkswagen also takes the dubious honour amongst cars, with a 2011 VW Touran losing more than 360,000 km.

Passenger Cars


  brand model year of 1st registration latest mileage previous mileage difference imported
1 Volkswagen Touran 2011                     132.467            493.961      361.494  yes 
2 Mercedes E200D 2017                        65.314            384.850      319.536  yes 
3 Audi A4 2010                     178.677            494.146      315.469  no 



  brand model year of 1st registration latest mileage previous mileage difference imported
1 Volkswagen Transporter 2002                     118.949            616.414      497.465  no 
2 Opel Vivaro 2010                     180.587            613.034      432.447  no 
3 Mercedes Sprinter 2018                     286.184            693.365      407.181  no 

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